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Enjoy a new and smarter fitness experience
Smart Workout,
Anywhere Anytime,
All Together Now.
The smartest way to lose weight
from your living room!
With SmartRope Donut, high calorie-consuming
jump rope exercise can be done anywhere!

Enjoy the fun of exercising together
with your family and friends with SmartRope TV app.
than running / swimming / cycling
Jumping Running
A person weighing 130lbs burns 30% more calories.
Jumping rope is a full-body aerobic exercise that burns more calories in less time than running, swimming or cycling.
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More Effcient Weight Loss
10 minute workout calorie
0 Kcal
0 Kcal
0 Kcal
When exercising for 10 minutes under
the same conditions, jumping rope consumes
about 20 Kcal more than cycling and running.
Track your progress,
share your progress
SmartRope Rookie
SmartRope Rookie syncs to your smartphone. Automatically records
your exercise data, Jump counts, calories, duration and goal achievement.
yet Detailed
It is easier and more immersive
than any other jump rope.
More than
just a jump rope
Soft or intense, choose the color you want and exercise the way you want.
You can mix and match with your workout gear.
Matt Black
Loving Coral
Icecream Blue
Icecream Pink
and Streamlined
The Rookie powers on automatically when you start exercising. See your jump counts in real time on the app, or you can sync your data after you complete your exercise. Rookie can store up to 1000 sets of exercise data itself.
and Streamlined
The Rookie powers on automatically when you start exercising. See your jump counts in real time on the app, or you can sync your data after you complete your exercise. Rookie can store up to 1000 sets of exercise data itself.
Accurate Sensors
SmartRope uses permanent non-contact Sensors to continuously track the exact position of the rope. This enables accurate movement tracking, comapred to the conventional switch method or the gyro sensor method.
Soft alloy ball bearing
Two sets of metal alloy ball bearings in each handle ensure that every jump with the Smart Rope is smooth and effortless, making your exercise even better than before.
Freely Adjustable Rope Length
The SmartRope Rookie is completely and easily adjustable and will fit almost everyone. The rope itself is light, durable and smooth, making sure you can jump fast with ease.
Cordless Indoor
Jump Rope, Donut
SmartRope Donut is suitable
for small space or outdoor anywhere.
Loving Coral
Matt Black
IceCream Blue
IceCream Pink
The best way to cardio
workout you can do at home
Connect with your friends and family
through an app and join our
world wide SmartRope Community
Anytime, Anywhere.
Just Jump!
Donut is a cordless SmartRope Rookie, designed for your home fitness. Workout in your living room without noise or scratches to your floor. Enjoy your jump rope, both indoors and outdoors.
Anytime, Anywhere.
Just Jump!
Donut is a cordless SmartRope Rookie, designed for your home fitness. Workout in your living room without noise or scratches to your floor. Enjoy your jump rope, both indoors and outdoors.
100% Silicone
Made of 100% silicone, it is more soft and safe. Antifouling coating prevents dust from sticking. You can workout in your living without noise or scratches to your floor.
Perfect Weight
The 22g Donut weight will make your exercise feel like you are using the real jump rope. Perfect weight for everyone from small children to adults.
Adjustable Rope Length
The Donut rope is easily adjustable and will fit almost everyone. With Donut, you can workout without the risk of hitting your legs or tripping. Shorten the rope to jump fast, lengthen the rope to jump slow.
Stay Active,
Stay Motivated
Create your own healthy
lifestyle with SmartRope
SmartRope App
Sync to SmartRope app for access to diverse functions and information, such as basic count, interval training, workout history and global leaderboard.
Available on iOS and Android Smartphones.
Supports Apple Health and Google Fitness.
Basic Count
Leader Board
It is the most basic mode of SmartRope. Jumping rope while connected to the app will automatically start counting at any time. The basic count shows the number of daily rope count, calories, time, and goal achievement.
It is a mode that alternates exercise and relaxation. Interval training can consume a lot of calories in a short time compared to the momentum because the heart rate is maintained even during the resting period. From the easy steps to the difficult stages, you can choose the strength that suits you and gradually increase it.
You can check your daily / weekly / overall rankings among SmartRope users around the world. Compete against SmartRope users around the world and get your positions up!
Records your daily exercise and graph it. You can check the monthly / yearly graph to see if you achieved your daily goal. Make a habit of exercising by checking your records every day.
You can exercise with your friends while checking each other's exercise records. Exercising with your friends will help you to increase your motivation and boost your energy even more.
Compete with friends who use SmartRopes. Invite your friends to work out together! Through the competition, we put a fire in your fighting spirit.
SmartRope tv App
Add SmartRope to your at-home workout routine!
You can mix things up with various features such as
Interval Training or Battle mode.
Apple TV Google TV
The beta version is currently supported on Apple TV.
Later official versions are available on Apple TV / Google TV.
Track and manage your exercise data with various training mode.
Set your daily goal or create your own interval training program.
You can have up to 5 profiles and each user data can be managed separately.
You can compete against each other in Battle mode.
SmartRope tv App (Beta)
Currently only available on Apple TV
Please check out the app store for updates on this information.
What are the differences between the SmartRope LED/Pure/Rookie?
Each feature is as follows.
• SmartRope (LED) : This is the original version of SmartRope that has the LED lights that show you your jump count in mid-air like a mini-animation of a digital counter and also links to our SmartRope app. SmartRope comes in three sizes: S/M/L, and three colors: Black/Chrome/Red.

• SmartRope PURE : This rope also works with the SmartRope app, but does not have the LEDs. On the other hand, the PURE is lighter, cheaper, more durable, and adjustable. The SmartRope PURE only comes in one color: transparent black.

• SmartRope Rookie : This version is similar to the PURE as it is fully adjustable, lighter, and more durable. However, it differs from the others in that it is the most affordable version of SmartRope, it comes in four different colors (Black, Blue, Coral, and Pink), and it is coin-battery powered instead of rechargeable (a coin-battery is included with the product on sale). It also connects to the SmartRope app.
Do I need a smartphone to use the SmartRope Rookie?
You can use the Rookie as a stand-alone device that counts your jumps. However, the robust functionality offered by the SmartRope mobile platform is fundamental to the SmartRope experience. If you jump more than 5 times, the time and number of jumps will be stored in the Rookie itself, you can save up to 1,000 sets. However, to make use of this function, you need to have made at least one initial connection to the SmartRope app.
Is the rope size of the Rookie adjustable?
The rope of the Rookie is 3m/9’10” long, and can be adjusted to fit almost everyone. You can easily adjust the length of the rope and hold the surplus rope with the holders. Cut the surplus rope if there is too much left. For more information, please check the user manual.
Does the Rookie register double-unders?
The SmartRope Rookie registers jumps up to 5 times per second. The magnetic sensors used in all SmartRopes have an operating speed of approximately 0.012 seconds. This allows SmartRopes to track double, triple and quadruple jumps as well as back-jumps, and cross-jumps.
How long does the battery last?
You can use it for about 6 months if you use it for 30 minutes a day
The battery of the Rookie lasts for approximately 6 months if you use the Rookie for about 30 minutes a day.
However, this can differ on the time and frequency of using the Rookie.
How can I check the remaining battery?
It can count up to 5 jumps per second
You can check the remaining battery by going to the Settings in the SmartRope app, by pressing the jump rope logo at the top of the SmartRope app. This brings you to the settings menu where you see a percentage (%) that indicates the remaining battery percentage.
How can I insert/change the battery of the SmartRope Rookie?
Use the coin cell (CR2032) battery
Inserting the battery : The battery of a new Rookie is in the right handle (the handle without the ‘Rookie’ logo). After removing the outer casing of the right handle, take out the battery. Meanwhile, remove the outer casing of the left handle and insert the battery from the right handle into the left handle (the handle with the ‘Rookie’ logo).

Changing the battery : After removing the outer casing of left handle, use a pin or another small, thin object to open the battery holder, by pushing into the hole on the other side of the battery holder opening. Place the new battery into the now empty battery holder. It is better to hold the battery in the right handle if you are not using the rope, so as not to deplete the battery.
Why is my Rookie making a constant ‘beep beep …’ sound?
Because battery is empty
If you hear a continuous beeping sound, it means that the battery of your Rookie is nearly depleted and needs to be replaced.
Do I need a rookie to use a donut?
Yes, I need Rookie.
Donuts are a product of Rookie's accessories.
LED and PURE products are not connected.
This product only connects to the rookie.
Can I adjust the length of the donut?
Yes, it's possible.
You can adjust the length of the line in the same way as the rookie and the product.
The total length is 500mm, and you can jump fast if you adjust it short or slow if you adjust it long.
Rookie has it. Can I buy just extra donut rope?
Yes, it's possible.
You can buy it from the our store.
Do you only have two colors for donut?
Yes, there are two colors, black and white.
The combination of color when buying a Rookie and Donut set is
Rookie's black and coral with donut black.
Rookie's blue and pink has doughnut white in them.
Is the SmartRope app available on both Android and iPhone systems?
Search for 'SmartRope' in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to install the free app.
The app is available for Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) and above; iOS version 9.0 and above.
If the SmartRope app cannot be found in the App Store or Play Store, your app is not compatible with your smartphone.
You can also not use the SmartRope app for some Bluetooth-free smartphones or the iPod touch.
It might also be incompatible with some special Android devices.
How do I connect SmartRope Rookie to my smartphone?
The app will automatically connect when you launch it.
Launch the SmartRope app and turn on the Rookie, it will automatically connect to the app.

SmartRope LED/PURE : Press the Power button at the end of the left handle.

SmartRope Rookie : Turn the left handle; the Rookie will make a small sound when powered on.

The Bluetooth connection should be made through the SmartRope app, not the smartphone Bluetooth itself.
If the SmartRope doesn’t connect automatically, try connecting it manually in the settings menu of the app.
It will automatically connect to previously connected SmartRopes. If you want to change to a new SmartRope,
go to the Settings menu and press search for a new SmartRope.
Among several SmartRopes, how can I connect to SmartRopes I want?
You can select the SmartRope from the Settings menu.
SmartRope app will automatically connect to previously connected SmartRopes. If you want to change the connected SmartRope to another one, go to the Settings menu and search for a new SmartRope. However, you should know the Bluetooth name of the SmartRope you want to connect to.
Can two users use SmartRope Rookie at the same time?
Two people cannot use the same Rookie at the same time. Either you can log in and log out to keep each user’s data, or you have to log in to each of your smartphones. We are currently planning an app for fitness centers to connect multiple users and multiple SmartRopes at the same time, but more information on this will be released in the future.
Does the SmartRope connect to the Apple Health and Google Fitness apps?
After you log in, turn on the Apple Health/Google Fitness settings in the Settings menu. The iPhone version connects to Apple Health, and the Android phone connects to Google Fitness. It will also work with other fitness apps
(Samsung Health, Under Armor, Xiaomi, Nike, etc.)
SmartRope Rookie
(Sold separately)
SmartRope Rookie
Body : W28 × H150 × D28 (mm) / Rope : L300 (cm)
Matt Black / Loving Coral / Icecream Blue / Icecream Pink
Freely Adjustable Rope Length : 300 (cm)
Body : 105g / Rope : 55g
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
CR2032 3.0V Coin-Cell Battery
W140 X H190 (mm)
Body : W50 X H50 X D15 (mm) / Rope : 500mm (Adjustable)
Body : 21.5g / Rope : 10g

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