SmartRope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data
in mid-air, as you work out.

LED Embedded

23 LEDs

High quality, bright LEDs display your fitness data clearly, even in bright rooms.

LED Embedded

Four Characters

SmartRope displays your workout jump count up to four digits. With future software updates, SmartRope will display calories burned, interval training data, and other symbols and icons to register double unders and other relevant fitness workout information.

LED Embedded

Persistence of Vision

Much like film or animated movies, the LEDS fire at different times as the SmartRope rotates around you, creating the appearance of a single display floating in mid-air during your workout.

Sophisticated Design

Comfortable 45 Degree Angle

The innovative 45 degree angel allows the jump rope handles to be held naturally, at the ideal path for the rope to travel. This new design also allows for the handles to be evenly weighted for maximum control of the LED workout display.

Sophisticated Design

2x2 Smooth Ball Bearings

Two sets of ball bearings in each handle result in a silky smooth jump rope motion. Even with all the tech housed in SmartRope, the rope is driven with ease.

Sophisticated Design

360 Degree Tracking

SmartRope’s proprietary sensors detect full 360 degree revolutions of the rope and track them as complete jumps. This allows for a level of accuracy in your exercise data that can’t be achieved by the simple gyroscopes or accelerometers found in most fitness wearables.

Sophisticated Design

Charge Once for 30 Days' Usage

SmartRope charges with a standard micro-USB port. Fully charged in 2 hours, SmartRope can be used for 36 hours of active exercise – or more than 30 days of hour-long fitness workouts.

Colors and Finishes

The simple yet striking design of SmartRope is available in 4 colors, to complement your fitness training apparel and personality. Express yourself in Chrome, Gold, Black, or Red.
Give SmartRope an extra splash of color and protect it from wear and tear with the silicon Soft Grips, available in Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, and Neutral.

*Soft Grip's soft, flexible silicon material can be easily applied and removed.

Handle Color

Soft Grip

SmartRope is our mobile fitness platform that works seamlessly with SmartRope.
Pairing with Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy),
SmartRope and SmartRope communicate to provide
relevant fitness data that you’ll actually use to exercise smarter.

SmartRope is the first product to sync with SmartRope.
Look out for additional connected fitness innovations from Tangram Factory,
building SmartRope into a complete mobile fitness platform.




Tracking your workout data – view your jump count, calories burned, time elapsed, and your progress towards fitness goals.


Select fitness training sessions with recommended workout and rest intervals, based on your skill level and fitness goals.


Stay motivated by competing with your friends, with Daily Champion and Speed Master modes. Requires a Facebook account to select friends.


Track your exercise progress and earn badges for achieving daily and overall fitness goals. SmartRope is an easy way to stay focused and maintain regular exercise.


See how you stack up against the competition, ranking yourself against SmartRope users around the world as well as your network of friends.


Enter your height, weight, and other personal information to track your calories burned and other fitness data. Access notifications, Facebook access, version information, and terms of use.


Monitor and adjust various aspects of SmartRope, including LED brightness, battery status, firmware upgrades, and Bluetooth pairing.


No, you can use SmartRope as a stand-alone device that counts your jumps. However, the robust functionality offered by the SmartRope mobile platform is fundamental to the SmartRope experience.
SmartRope has been specially designed to withstand shock and impact during rigorous exercise, while remaining flexible and lightweight for ideal jump rope. SmartRope has been tested to withstand continuous use during hundreds of thousands of jumps, with a load rating of 20 kg (44 pounds) – more than double the strength of a traditional jump rope.
SmartRope is protected by a 60 day, repair or replace warranty that covers any issues arising from normal usage. Proof of purchase is required.
Due to all the tech housed inside SmartRope, the rope length cannot be adjusted. We offer SmartRope in five lengths to accommodate most jumpers.
If you’re in between sizes, generally speaking shorter ropes are faster and longer ropes are slower. If you’re experienced with the jump rope, you may want to size down; if you’re a beginner, sizing up may prove easier.
Size Rope Length (excluding handles) User Height
XS 7'6" / 228 cm 4'6" – 4'10" (137 – 147 cm)
S 8' / 243 cm 5' – 5'4" (152 – 163 cm)
M 8'6" / 258 cm 5'5" – 5'9" (165 – 175 cm)
L 9' / 274 cm 5'10" – 6'2" (178 – 188 cm)
XL 9'5" / 287 cm 6'3" – 6'7" (191 – 201 cm)
At launch, SmartRope displays the numbers of jumps you’ve completed as you work out. In future software updates, SmartRope will display numbers based on the mode you’re using in the SmartRope mobile app – calories burned, interval training data, and so on.
Each jumper is a different height and has a different jumping stance, so it’s important to find the right angle for the LED display. To adjust this, simply rotate the left-hand handle (the handle with the power button) in your palm slightly to bring the display higher or lower.
Yes, there are brightness settings accessible in the device settings menu of the SmartRope mobile app (top right hand corner of the main screen, tap the jump rope icon).
The power button (at the bottom of the left-hand handle) controls SmartRope. Lifting open the rubber cap reveals the micro-USB charging port. This power button glows different colors to indicate the status of SmartRope:

Blue LED (fast pulse) – Searching for smartphone via Bluetooth
Blue LED (slow pulse) – Paired with smartphone via Bluetooth
White LED (slow pulse) – Standby mode
Red LED – Less than 20% battery remaining, charging mode
Green LED – Fully charged
SmartRope is specifically designed to be ergonomic and provide a comfortable grip while you’re working out. The handles are sweat-resistant and slippage shouldn’t be an issue during intense workouts. If you want some extra grip or protection for your SmartRope, silicon Soft Grips are available in a variety of colors.
Unfortunately, most of the heart rate monitoring technology featured in fitness products face significant accuracy issues. In most major studies, all of the wearables on the market today do not accurately track heart rate. In fact, most wearables can’t even track heart rate during activity – only at rest, which isn’t very useful for a jump rope.
Due to all the technology packed into each SmartRope, each unit needs to be a single integrated design. A flexible printed circuit board powers 23 LEDs that are embedded into the rope itself, connected to magnetic sensors that operate on ball bearings in the handle. This is all connected to the CPU and Bluetooth transmitter, also embedded in the handle.
To ensure quality production, the current inventory of SmartRope is made wholly in Korea, using existing Tangram vendors.
SmartRope can be delivered to any country that isn’t restricted by US regulations. International shipping will be dynamically priced based on actual costs from our shipping providers (Fedex, UPS). Due to different regulations in each market, we cannot be held responsible for any customs or duties charges incurred in shipment.
SmartRope is powered by a high-quality lithium polymer battery, charged via micro-USB cable (the same cable that charges most smartphones, as well as other portable devices). Charge SmartRope with your smartphone charger, or plug it into any powered USB port on your computer. Since most SmartRope users will have access to micro-USB cables, this cable will not be included with SmartRope to reduce packaging and shipping costs.
SmartRope’s battery lasts for approximately 48 hours, or over 2 weeks of regular use. SmartRope full charges in 2 hours over a standard smartphone charger or powered USB port.
SmartRope is available in three handle colors: Chrome, Black, and Gold. To customize your rope and protect it from wear and tear, we also offer silicon Soft Grips in a variety of colors: Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, and Neutral (semi-transparent).
The LED display is only available in bright white. LEDs that display multiple colors require a thicker CPU to control each light, which would make the rope too thick to use as a good jump rope. We’ve incorporated high-quality, bright white LEDs that provide clear visibility in bright environments.
Yes! The magnetic sensors used in SmartRope track both the completion of each revolution (registering one complete jump) and the speed of the revolution (RPM). We’re working on a future firmware release that will display a successful double under on the LED display, as well as track it in your workout via the SmartRope mobile app.
Tricks that involve full rotations of the rope also register as jumps and are tracked by SmartRope, although the rope needs to be in normal use to display the number in mid-air.
SmartRope will be available for free download on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Specific apps for Apple Watch and Pebble Watch are also in development and will be available for free download on their respective stores.
Yes, SmartRope will pair to different SmartRopes. However, due to the limitations of Bluetooth, only one SmartRope can be paired at a time.
You will be notified of new versions of SmartRope’s firmware via pop-up messages in SmartRope. Go to Device Settings > Firmware, and a red ‘N’ should appear next to outdated firmware. Click on the ‘N’ to install the new firmware.




W30 X H150 X D30 (mm)


Chrome / Gold / Black

Rope Length

XS : 228 cm (137 - 147 cm tall)
S : 243 cm (152 - 163 cm tall)
M : 258 cm (165 - 175 cm tall)
L : 274 cm (178 - 188 cm tall)
XL : 287 cm (191 - 201 cm tall)

Weight (without packaging)

XS : 294 g
S : 301 g
M : 308 g
L : 314 g
XL : 317 g


Bluetooth 4.0 LE,
two-way communication with smartphone


23 X 5600K color temperature LED


Full charge in 2 hours,
36 hours of use,
Lithium Polymer battery

Soft Grip


W33 X H133 X D33 (mm)


Blue / Orange / Green / Pink / Neutral


56 g



W210 X H210 X D50 (mm)


58 g