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SmartRope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air, as you work out.

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Strong, powerful
absolutely stunning

SmartRope achieved a grand slam of four major design awards (iF, GoodDesign, RedDot, IDEA). And with smart features, nothing can beat SmartRope.

skipping rope equipment
home gym training

And perfect finishing touches

A perfect balance of design, color and material. Express yourself in Chorme, Gold, Black and Red

23 LEDs

High quality, bright LEDs display your fitness data clearly

Persistence of Vision

Much like film or animated movies, the LEDs fire at different times as the SmartRope rotates around you, creating the appearance of a single display floating in mid-air during your workout.


Just jump.
SmartRope will do the rest.

SmartRope’s proprietary non-contact sensors
never miss a single jump.

All it takes to be healthy
is jumping.

Exercise everyday
and see your exercise bar getting highlighted.


Take your exercise experience to the next level with the new and innovative LED counting smart jump rope.

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  • black
  • chrome
  • gold
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Design Awards

SmartRope achieved a Grand Slam of Design Awards (iF, Good Design, RedDot, IDEA).

What people are saying about the SmartRope

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    It's fun and good Arnold reviews SmartRope for..

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    Certain to catch your eye

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    It works well.. In fact, you can easily zone out watching the count..
    Makes it easy to set goals

  • belly fat exercise

    This wearable technology is something you can physically use to improve your fitness.. Take your jump rope workout to a whole new level

  • weight loss speed rope

    One of the best Kictstarter inventions of the month

  • home workout exercise

    SmartRope delivered.. the mid-air display felt like magic.. it actually helped me stay focused.. you can't cheat either

SmartRope LED Color

SmartRope app supports multi-device such as mobile, tablet and smart TV. Design a healthy lifestyle with the SmartRope.

SmartRope App

Sync to SmartRope app for access to diverse functions and information, such as basic count, interval training, workout history and global leaderboard.

Available on iOS and Android Smartphones. Supports Apple Health and Google Fitness.

Screen preview

Application features

SmartRope TV App

Add SmartRope to your at-home workout routine! You can mix things up with various features, such as Interval Training mode or Battle mode.

  • Apple TV
  • Google TV

Currently Apple TV / Google TV (Beta version) available.Google TV final version to be available soon.

Application features

Track and manage your exercise data with various training mode. Set your daily goal or create your own interval training program. You can have up to 5 profiles and each user data can be managed separately. You can compete against each other in Battle mode.

Available on Apple TV / Google TV (Beta version) Please check out the app store for updates.


  • SmartRope LED
  • App
  • Q

    How do I connect to my smartphone via Bluetooth?


    SmartRope connects to your smartphone via our proprietary app. Download and install and the SmartRope app.

    • You cannot connect to SmartRope in the Bluetooth setting of your smartphone. First, install the SmartRope app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Follow the instructions in the Smartrope app and your SmartRope will automatically sync when you power on the SmartRope. Once setup, the SmartRope app automatically connects to the registered SmartRope. You can delete the existing SmartRope from the app's settings page or search for a new SmartRope.
  • Q

    I own multiple SmartRopes. How do I sync to a specific SmartRope?


    SmartRope app automatically connects to the nearest device.

    • In the app's settings menu, you can change the SmartRope that connects to the app automatically. Turn off all SmartRopes and turn on the SmartRope that you wish to connect to. When you run 'Connect New Device' in the app setting, it automatically connects to the powered-on device. If you want to manually select a device, you can select and connect to the desired SmartRope through Search for a New Device.
  • Q

    How do I store my SmartRope?


    Keep your SmartRope in the provided carrying pouch.

    • Your SmartRope LED has passed multiple durability tests, but excessive bending of the rope can damage the internal components. When not in use, roll it up and put it in the carrying pouch and store it safely.
  • Q

    Are double unders, triple unders and X jumps possible?


    Yes, they are all possible.

    • Diverse jumping techniques are possible with the SmartRope. When doing the X-cross jump, the LED may not be visible as the left/right handle switches reverses the direction of the LED. Regardless, the jump count will not be interrupted. If you run again, you can check the exact number of times.
  • Q

    SmartRope's LED power button is blinking.

    • The color of LED power button indicates different states.
    • LED Modes
      Rapid flashes of blue light Awaiting Bluetooth connection
      Slow flashes of blue light Bluetooth connection established
      Slow flashes of white light SmartRope in use
      Red light Battery charge below 20%, charging
      Green light Battery charge over 80% or fully charged
  • Q

    I want to change the position of the flashing LEDs when I jump.


    You can turn the jump rope handle while jumping and change the position of the flashing LEDs.

    • Hold the handle with power button in your left, with the "SmartRope" logo facing up and the flashing LED numbers will be displayed at your eye level. To move the position of the flashing LEDs higher, turn the left handle counterclockwise. Turn it clockwise to lower the position of the numbers.
  • Q

    The flashing LED numbers are not visible.

    • Fast blinking LED light may not be visible under daytime sunlight. When exercising during the day, avoid direct sunlight and move indoors to exercise. Face a dark colored wall or background for better visibility of LED lights.
  • Q


    • SmartRope is produced with strict quality control and inspection of Tangram Factory. The warranty period for SmartRope is 60 days from the date of purchase. Exchanges and refunds are provided for defective products. In the event of an issue caused by the user, repair service may be provided for a fee, regardless of the warranty period. Products with expired warranty period may receive repaire service for a fee.
  • Q

    Is the SmartRope app available in both Android and iOS?



    • Please search for 'Smartrope' in the Apple App Store or Google Play and install the app. Android is available in versions 6.0 (API Level 23 / Marshmallow) or higher, and iOS in versions 9.0 or higher.
    • If the smartrope app is not detected in the Apple App Store or Google Play, the device and app are incompatible.
    • In addition, the use of smartphones or iPod touches without some Bluetooth features may be restricted on some special Android devices.
  • Q

    How do I connect my SmartRope to the smartphone?


    SmartRope automatically connects to your smartphone when you 1) run the SmartRope app and 2) power on your SmartRope.

    • Power-on LED/PURE: Press the button on the left handle to turn on the power.
      Power on Rookie: Rotate the left handle and chek for a ring sound.

    • SmartRope can only sync to your smartphone via the SmartRope app.
    • If your SmartRope does not connect automatically, you can manual connect from the app's settings menu. (Normally, the SmartRope app automatically connects to the previously synced SmartRope.)
    • If you switch to a new SmartRope by automatically or manually establish connection in the App Settings menu.
  • Q

    Can your SmartRope app simultaneously sync to multiple SmartRopes?



    • Two people cannot record exercise on the smartrope app at the same time. Each must log out and log in again to maintain user data.
    • Separately, the SmartRope TV app allows four users to connect and exercise at the same time.
  • Q

    Does the SmartRope app connect to Apple Health or Google Fitness?



    • After logging into the SmartRope app, turn on the Apple Health or Google Fitness option. iPhone connects to Apple Health, and Android phones connected to Google Fitness. Compatibility to other fitness apps (Samsung Health, Under Armor, Xiaomi Miffit, Nike, etc.,) will be developed in the near future.

product detail guide

product composition

  • skipping rope

    SmartRope LED

  • weight loss


  • belly fat

    Charge Cable
    (micro USB)


SmartRope LED

SIZE W30 X H150 X D30 (mm)
COLOR Chrome / Gold / Black / Red
LENGTH S : 243 cm (150-165cm tall) / M : 258 cm (165 - 175 cm tall) / L : 274 cm (176cm - 190 cm tall)
WEIGHT S : 301g / M : 308g / L : 314g
CONNECT Bluetooth 4.0 LE
LED 5600K x 23 LEDs
BATTERY Rechargeable Li-Po Battery


SIZE W210 X H210 X D50 (mm)

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  • S:301g / M:308g / L:314g
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  • CR2032 Coin-Cell Battery
  • Rechargeable Li-Po Battery
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