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Innovation Meets Illumination
Tangram is dedicated to the continuous refinement of innovative products and crafting the ultimate user experience.
Through relentless redesigns, we have stripped away all non-essential elements to create a desk lamp that offers a completely new experience. It features a unique aluminum unibody, a broad and gentle light source similar to sunlight, and Tangram Lighting's patented motion sensor technology, all enhancing the user experience.
laser sensor preview
The World's Only

Desk Lamp
The fastest and most intuitive gesture control.
Experience magical usability with Tangram’s patented motion-sensing technology that controls power, brightness, color temperature, and even the timer with a simple gesture.
* The motion-sensing technology used in the Aether and Aywa is a unique technology of Tangram Factory, holding patents in both Korea and the United States.
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sensor 01
Touchless Gesture Control
The processing chip retains the last settings for brightness and color temperature, enabling quick and intuitive power control. It reacts to movements 100 times per second using its laser sensor and communicates via a color indicator and speaker.
sensor 03
Delicate Brightness Control
65,536 levels of brightness to reflect your refined taste.
sensor 03
Freely Adjustable Color Temperature
From the warmth for relaxation to the coolness that enhances concentration.
light 01
Accompanying You
With Softer Light
Fill your space with a soft, comfortable light that mimics natural sunlight for a stress-free environment.

light 02
Sun-like CRI 90+ LED
Experience a world enhanced by sunlike light, where everything becomes sharper and more defined. Paintings radiate with vividness, and food appears more appetizing, displaying their true colors.
light 03
Flicker-free Lighting, Just Like The Sunlight
The high-speed drive sustains a flicker-free light, providing eye comfort even with extended use.
light 04
Softer Shadows
The linear LED light source produces smaller, softer shadows, significantly improving readability.
Flawless Safety
safety 01
RoHS & Electromagnetic Certification
All components are RoHS certified to ensure they are free from harmful substances to the human body. Additionally, we maintain electromagnetic standards that meet the safety criteria of any country in the world.
safety 02
Seoul Semiconductor CRI 90+ LED
We use Seoul Semiconductor's CRI 90+ LED, which ranks 3rd globally and 1st domestically in market share, to ensure excellent color rendering. This not only promotes eye health but also offers high-efficiency output (lm/W).
safety 03
Automatic Power-off System
To ensure safe use, the Tangram Lighting continuously measures and monitors its temperature. If the temperature exceeds the safe range, a warning sound will alert you, and the power will automatically shut off to protect both customer safety and product longevity.
design 01
Wide Lamp Design
for Optimal Usability
The extra-wide light source illuminates the entire desk, reducing eye strain and providing soft, shadow-free light for improved readability.
design 02
Full-Size Desk Lamp Aether,
Designed and Engineered
for Professionals
Optimized design for both desk work and computer tasks, allowing you to focus comfortably on your work without glare.
design 03
The Full Aluminum Unibody
Withstands The Test Of Time.
Aether is crafted from aluminum, the most abundant metal on Earth.
It is lightweight, strong, durable, and 100% recyclable.
Aether was born through the world's best surface treatment and coloring technology.
design 04
Timeless elegance with enduring materials and a stable structure.
Tangram Lighting minimizes the use of environmentally harmful plastics, opting instead for long-lasting aluminum materials.
design 05
In Pursuit of Maximum Efficiency
Using aluminum, recognized as excellent heat dissipation material, for both the heatsink and unibody, effectively reduces LED heat, improving energy efficiency and extending the lifespan.
design 05
For the Earth and Humanity
Aluminum is a prime example of a green material, infinitely recyclable and highly energy-efficient in the recycling process, making it the best low-carbon material available.
tangram logo
Tangram Lighting actively

refrains from excessive
use of plastic and prioritizes

the use of recyclable materials.
Intricate Body,
Intricate Hinge
All plants have round stems.
Inspired by the way leaves move toward the sun, Tangram's hinge design mimics this natural movement.
Tangram's design learns from nature.
hinge 01
Full aluminum base
Like pottery crafted with care from clay, this piece is made from finest aluminum, sculpted and shaped by the expertise of modern artisans.
hinge 02
mm inner diameter
Aluminum pipe
Using aluminum, recognized as excellent heat dissipation material, for both the heatsink and unibody, effectively reduces LED heat, improving energy efficiency and extending the lifespan.
hinge 03
Freely adjustable hinge
The seamlessly integrated rotating hinge allows for free rotation and smooth stopping.
Transforms From
A Desk Lamp
To A Floor Lamp
Rotate the hinge 90 degrees to use it as a desk lamp,
or adjust it to 180 degrees to transform it into a floor lamp or source of indirect lighting.
Adjust it freely to suit your needs. Tangram Lighting delivers not only aesthetic appeal but also practicality and versatility through its innovative design.
hinge 03
hinge 04
hinge 06
color 01
Color Your Workspace
With Radiance
Vibrant colors tailored to your lifestyle.
Discover Aether's unique and sophisticated metallic colors, achieved through delicate anodizing techniques.
color 02
color 04
color 04
color 05
color 06
color 07
color 08
color 09
Tangram Lighting AETHER
Space Gray, Rose Gold, Racing Green, Scarlet Red
Main Unit : W200 x H755 x D18 (mm) / Base : W178 x H33 x D178 (mm)
Light source
LED (CRI 90+)
Color temperature
3,000K ~ 5,700K
12v, Max 2.0A (20W)